9-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation Technique

Research Article
Manimara Boopathy M., Nithya Sri P., Pavithra., Sumitha B and Anto Bennet M
Cascaded Multilevel inverter, Photovoltaic cells, Multicarrier PWM

The multilevel inverters generate low harmonic waveforms at the output voltage when compared with the conventional inverters. The Conventional inverters makes the load failure due to high harmonic distortion. This can be overcome in multilevel inverters which makes effective supply of high power to the loads and provides harmonic compensation. Renewable energy sources such as the photovoltaic cells are used as input due to increasing energy demand. The above said objectives is said to achieve by introducing a single phase hybrid multilevel inverter by cascading a full bridge cell and a half bridge cell. The capacitors in the half bridge cell performs the work of balancing the voltage at variable load. The multicarrier PWM techniques here produces 9-levels at the output. The simulations would demonstrate the efficiency of the cascaded multilevel inverter presented here.