air drying kinetics on the variety of capsicum

Research Article
Nazni, P and Anbu Malar, M
Drying, Ascorbic Acid, Moisture, Reducing Sugar, First Order Rate of Kinetics.

The quality of different dried chilli (Capsicum annuum .L) (green, yellow and red) in terms of colour attributes and nutrients was studied using a Microwave oven dryer, in order to determine the quality loss caused by drying. Different drying temperatures from 50-100 degree celsius, were used to find out the difference in quality loss at various temperatures.Browning colour of dried chilli was observed due to non-enzymatic browning reaction as reducing sugar was decreased. Not only did the Maillard reaction provide a dark-brown colour, but thermal degradation and oxidation of total ascorbic acid also provided an unacceptable colour of dried capsicum. It was found that, when there is a increase in the temperature there is decrease in the moisture and the nutritional quality. The kinetics was implemented using the rate constant and the order of reaction followed by this dried capsicums (green, yellow and red) were First order rate of kinetics respectively.