Anatomical Location Of Nutrient Foramina Of Humerus Inference To Microvascular Bone Graft And Delayed Union In Open Fracture Reduction: A Morphometric Study Of The Humerus Of The Tanzanian Adults

Research Article
Emmanuel Suluba., Edward Godon Otieno., Godfrey Towo and Leonard Selestine
Nutrient foramina, Humerus, Foramina index, Bone.

The blood supply to the bone is through the nutrient foramina. These foramina are located in the shaft of long bones. Understanding the Anatomy of foramina is important, as it applies in surgical procedures such as microvascular bone grafts and open fracture reductions. The purpose of the study was to determine the position, number of nutrient foramina, foramina index, length and mid circumference of the humerus among Tanzanian Adults. The study was conducted at Muhimbili University and St.J oseph University dissection rooms; we used 74 dried humeral bones. We found that the majority of the foramina were located at the middle third of the humerus; most in the posterior medial (47.3%) and medial side (24.3%) of the shaft of humerus. Few (5.4%) bones had no foramina and majority (87.8%) has single foramina. The Anatomy of nutrient foramina is variant, awareness of the variations is important for surgical precision. Few studies have been conducted in black population and none have included both parameters in a single bone. This is the first study to assess the morphology and topography of the humerus in Tanzanian adults