Association Between Insulin Level, Serum Lipids And Body Mass Index In Diabetic Patients

Research Article
Elham Salah Eldin Ahmed and AbdElkarim A. Abdrabo
BMI, Insulin, DM, Resistance, Sudan, Neealin

Background: a strong relation was observed between body mass index and insulin resistance which were associated with type 2 DM. Objective: to correlate between bodies mass index and levels of insulin and lipids among type 2 diabetic patients with different body mass index. Methods: this study was conducted in Khartoum state, it included 80 with type 2 diabetes mellitus, and another 80 apparently healthy with normal body mass index were included as control. Serum insulin level and lipids profile were estimated using chemistry analyzers. Results: the mean concentration of serum insulin level was significantly higher in type 2 DM than control (P=0.004), and also it was positively correlates with BMI (R=0.54, P=0.003). Also in case group, there were significant higher levels of serum lipids (TC, TG, and LDL) while there was a significant reduction of HDL. Conclusion: levels of serum insulin, TC, LDL, and TG were significantly higher in Sudanese type 2 DM patients, and insulin level correlates positively with BMI.