Association Between Viral Infections And Liver Function Tests

Research Article
Rajeswari S, Vijayakumar K, Anila Mathan and Swaminathan S
LFT, ALT, HbsAg, HIV and HCV

In a developing and infectious disease prone country like India, increased prevalence of infection with HbsAg, HCV and HIV areon the increase. As of December 2014, World Health Organisation statistics shows globally 33% of population with HbsAg, 150millions with HCV and 37 millions with HIV infections. Numerous studies done previously have indicated alterations in liver function due to infections caused by the above three types of deadly viruses. The aim of this study was to find out the association between viral infections and liver function test. This study was carried out with a reasonable number of patients involving both sexes in each type of infection. This study has proved that some analytes like ALT, GGTP, TP and Albumin showed alterations in viral infectious diseases as per the statistical significance obtained. Further Studies are required in this field with large number of viral infected patients to monitor alterations in Liver function tests in each type of infection and to make LFT as routine diagnostic investigation for such infected patients.