The balancing act: impact of exercise, sleep quality, and stress management on cancer nutrition

Research Article
*Bavika K P, Dr Praveen K S
Cancer, exercise, lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, stress.

This comprehensive discussion delves into the intricate relationship between lifestyle factors such as exercise, sleep quality, and stress management and their profound impact on nutritional health within the realm of cancer care. It highlights the interplay of these elements, emphasising their collective influence on dietary habits, and overall well-being during cancer treatment and recovery. The text explores the significance of exercise, sleep quality, and stress management, revealing their critical roles in supporting cancer patients. It also elucidates strategies for integrating these lifestyle factors into care plans and emphasises the importance of holistic approaches in supporting individuals throughout their cancer journey. The content emphasises collaborative efforts between healthcare providers and patients, acknowledging and addressing potential barriers to implementing lifestyle changes. This comprehensive review aims to underscore the importance of adopting a multifaceted approach to enhance the well-being of individuals navigating cancer care.