biodecolorization of anthraquinone textile (acid blue 25) dye by klebsiella sp

Research Article
Aruna B, Rathna Silviya L, Shiva kumar E, Srinu A, Roja rani P, VijayaLakshmi D and Durbaka V. R Prasad*
Anthraquinone dye, Acid blue 25, Biodecolorization, Klebsiella sp.

Acid Blue 25 is an Anthraquinone based dye extensively used in textile industries, many bacterial isolates obtained from the textile effluents showed the decolorization activity, among all isolates, Klebsiella sp. showed maximum decolorization potential. In the present study different tests have been conducted to optimize the decolorization efficiency, such as enrichment of carbon & Nitrogen source with different concentrations, PH, Temperature, size of inoculums etc., 70% to 90% of decolorization activity was recorded within 48 hrs of incubation at static conditions by Klebsiella sp. The degradation was confirmed by UV-Visible spectrum and TLC analysis. Microbial Toxicity study revealed the degradation of Acid blue 25 in to non- toxic products by klebsiella sp. High efficiency of dye decolorization is a key for the degradation of biological treatment of polluted effluents. Therefore Klebsiella sp. appears to be the promising organism for acid blue 25 dye degradation.