callus induction from leaf and shoot proliferation from nodal explants of clerodendrum serretum l, a thretened medicinal plant

Research Article
T.N. Swamy, Bylla Prasad, M.O.Ghani1,V. Suresh and Md.Mustafa
Clerodemdrum serretum.L, in vitro cultures, leaf, node, shoot buds, BAP and IBA.

Protocol has been developed for the induction of callus and shoot proliferation from leaf and nodal explants of Clerodendrumm serretum L. These explants were inoculated on MS medium fortified with different combinations of 2,4-D and BAP for callus induction and BAP and L-Gluatamic acid for the shoot proliferation. After one month period leaf and nodal explants were proliferated into Green compact callus on MS medium supplemented with 2.0mg/lBAP +0.5mg/l2,4-D.Where as an optimum shoot proliferation was recorded from nodal explants on MS medium supplemented with 3.0mg/lBAP+1.0mg/L-Glutamic acid.Callus has been used for various biochemical studies and shoots were rooted on ½ strength MS medium with 3.0mg/lIBA.