Comparative Study Of Cryptosporidiosis By Modified Acid Fast Stain And Elisa Among Hiv/Aids Sero-Positive Patients

Research Article
Sandhya.P., Annapurna G sajjan., Kishore G Bhat., Venkatesh Naik., Ravivarma.V and AkshayArya
HIV, Cryptosporidium parvum, CD4count, Diarrhoea, Modified Ziehl-Neelsen Staining and ELISA.

Introduction: Cryptosporidium parvum be the main frequent species in human being and most important severe persistent diarrhoea among Immuno-compromised persons. Early identification and introduction of antibiotic cure considerably decrease mortality also morbidity related along with severe diarrhea caused by this parasite .Due to higher incidence of HIV/AIDS patients in our area, i.e., Raichur district of Karnataka state, it is essential to study cryptosporidiosis and its correlation with the immune status of the patient, which is one of the predominant infection and can cause severe morbidity and mortality. Detection of this parasite will help in proper management of the patients. Objectives  To determine the Cryptosporidiosis in various age groups of HIV/AIDS sero positive patients.


· To determine the Cryptosporidiosis in various age groups of HIV/AIDS sero positive patients.

· To detect cryptosporidiosis by Modified Zeihl-Neelsen staining and ELISA.

· Correlate the CD4 count with incidence of cryptosporidiosis. Materials and Methods

· Stool samples of 65 patients with diarrhoea HIV/AIDS collected during 2015 to 2016 RIMS, Raichur.

· Modified Zeihl-Neelsen staining.

· ELISA: Antigen detection technique was employed for cryptosporidial antigen in the faeces for the diagnosis. (DRG Kit ELISA, Germany)

Results: Out of 65 samples, About 33 (51%) were males 32(49%) were females. Among 65 HIV sero-positive patients 54 patients CD4 count were below 200cells/cumm3 and 11 patients CD4 count were above 200cells/cumm3 . In Modified Zeihl-Neelsen acid fast staining method, Cryptosporidium parvum was observed in 63 stool samples. In ELISA, out of 65 stool samples, 64 stool samples were positive for Cryptosporidium antigen. In ELISA and MZN, maximum number of cases found between 0-200 CD4 count and minimum number of cases found between 201-500 CD4 count.

Conclusion: The early detection of parasite helps effectively control the cases. Knowing the prevalence of Diarrhoea associated Cryptosporidiosis in a region help to start empiric treatment, in developing countries laboratory facilities are inadequate.