Computional Fluid Dynamics And Heat Transfer Analysis Of Hollow Heat Pipe With Circular Fins

Research Article
Bhoodev Mudgal., Arvind Pathak and Koli C.S
Heat Pipe, ANSYS Fluent, Circular Fins

This project is about a study of heat convection become study of circular fins pipe using the Ansys version 16.0.Fins is very important topic of dissection of heat transfer technique. So, many areas are used by the fins. In this research work was circular fins used outer surface of the hollow metallic pipe. Actual cooling system of the furnace was not more effective in cooling cycle. This system was creating more breakdowns in running furnace. Because, water have very high temperature. High temperature of water was creaked the patching of furnace. Patching is used for the internally covering the furnace of melting time. But, we have basic problem the control temperature of water. Whole furnace cooling cycle was depends on the cooling tower. But, we were applied the logic of circular fins pipe replaced of simple pipe. We have to get directly on system all basic geometry of simple pipe. We were review the simple heat pipe and applying the circular fins on this pipe. This circular fins pipe was doing the connected the cooling cycle. After all we were doing CFD analysis of fins pipe and get the very impressive result. Older result of simple heat pipe inlet temperature =350 k (ambient temperature according) outlet temperature = 328 k (near the cooling tower) and after CFD analysis result of fins pipe inlet temperature = 352 k (ambient temperature according) outlet temperature = 305 k (near the cooling tower). We have reduced the 230c temperature of water. Finally the overall study we have investigated great result is decrease the temperature of water with use of modify heat pipe (circular fins pipe) and increase the cooling rate of furnace. This technique we are applying other devices and system and get more effective result.