Density Estimates And Spatio-Temporal Activity Pattern Of Sharma’s Skink (Eutropis Nagarjuni)

Research Article
Surender G.,Doki Adimallaiah., Vasudeva Rao Vand Venkateshwer Reddy
Density, spatio-temporal activity, Sharma’s skink.

The present study deals with density and spatio-temporal activity pattern of Sharma’s Skink. A total of 126 sightings were found during the study period. Among the 126 individuals sighted, 95 (75%) individuals were of adults and 31 (25%) individuals were of juveniles (including sub adults and juveniles). Most of the sightings were recorded in the rocky hill area (N=46, 36.5%), followed by agricultural fields adjacent to the rocky hill areas (N=38, 30.2%) and wetland area (N=16, 12.7%). Micro habitat Preference of Sharma’s skink is observed high in the leaf litter (N=35, 27.7%) and the rocks/stones (N=33, P=26.1%). Presently population is facing threat from anthropogenic events like extraction of rocks for building construction purposes, rock mining activities to extract concrete. The threats may cause loss not only to this taxon but also to the many species that share the habitat