detection of mbl producing pseudomonas aeruginosa in tertiary care hospital, pondicherry

Research Article
*Jayarani.K, Sandhyarani.T, Naveen Kumar.C, Swathi.S,Jayaranjani.K
Metallo-betalactamases(MBLs), P.aeruginosa, carbapenem, Tertiary Care Hospital.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates are responsible for outbreaks of nosocomial infections in different parts of the world. Carbapenems are drug of choice for severe pseudomonas infections, but resistance to this antibiotic is increased worldwide. Carbapenem resistance is due to the production of metallo-beta lactamases (MBLs). The aim of the present study was to isolate MBL producing P. aeruginosa and determined the antibiotic susceptibility pattern. This study was conducted at a tertiary care hospital for 2 months with minimum of 50 P.aeruginosa isolates from various clinical samples. Antimicrobial sensitivity testing was performed by disk diffusion method. Results: Out of total 50 isolates of P. aeruginosa screened for MBL production by imipenem disk diffusion test, 11 isolates (20.4%) were imipenem resistant and rest 40 (79. 6%) were sensitive to imipenem. Conclusion:In the present study ,we isolated MBL producing P. aeruginosa and determined the antibiotic susceptibility pattern and compared different phenotypic methods currently in use . This would reduce therapeutic failure and thereby lowering the morbidity and mortality. It helps the clinician in prescribing proper antibiotic therapy.