Development Of Computer Algorithm For A Numerical Model To Optimize The Performance Of Multi-Outlet Pressurized Irrigation In Sloping And Non-Sloping Terrains

Research Article
Kamlendu Kumar Pandey
Computer model for pipe flow, drip lateral design, uniformity coefficient, optimum lateral length, numerical modellining of drip lateral

Computer modeling is a new tool to solve and assess many engineering and scientific problems. The issue of selecting an optimum length of multiple-outlet pipes depends on the operating head, viscosity of fluid, material of pipe and the ground slope, A computer model developed in the paper is a tool to select the highest length of pipes without compromising the uniformity of distribution and high efficiency. The drip irrigation fits into this problem and so this paper runs the model based on the data of drip irrigation system and comes out with the design of laterals satisfying the criteria of uniformity distribution coefficient and Distribution Uniformity.