Dietary Intake And Physical Activity Status Of Elderly Living In Mumbai City

Research Article
Rekha Battalwar., Firdosh R Khatri and Priyanka Balsara
Elderly, Nutritional Status, Dietary Intake, Physical Activity and Food Frequency Questionnaire.

Old age is associated with physiological, social, economical and pshychological changes. The health status, functionality and mobility in elderly is affected by nutritional status, physical activity and prevelance of any disease. This study was carried out to understand relationship between dietary pattern and its effect on nutritional status of elderly. 100 elderly samples aged 50 years and above were randomly included in the study purpose. A predesigned questionnaire was used to collect the data. Results were statistically analysed. The results showed a positive corelation between decrease in appetite and increased age. The study indicated that pulses and milk consumption decreased with an increase in age (p<0.05). Only a few percentage of population met their energy, protein, calcium, iron and fibre requirement, but the results were not statistically significant. There was a significant positive correlation of age groups with walking and brisk walking (p<0.05). Thus, dietary intake and physical activity status of elderly residing in Mumbai city is very low.