Diversity And Plethora Of Spider Fauna At Different Habitats Of The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu South India

Research Article
Jayaraman Dharmaraj., Chinappan Gunasekaran and Vallavan Rajkumar
Spider. Invertebrates. Emerald valley. Avalanche. Diversity

A original study was conducted to reveal the spider’s diversity in the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. There were 59 species of spiders belonging to 25 genera of 11 families collected from Avalanche and Emerald valley. Emerald Valley and Parsons Valley of Nilgiris on the basis of distinguishing morphological characters and structure of the genitalia. Out of 59 species recorded in different study are as follows, Grass land, Wattle plantation, and Shola forest in three study sites. Maximum number of species were recorded in shola forest area compare than grass land and Wattle plantation. Spiders, like many invertebrates receive little attention from the conservation community. This may be due to fear and dislike of their appearance behaviors or noxious nature. Maximum richness was observed with respect to families Oxyopidae, Salticidae, Araneidae and Lycosidae. The present study showed significant variation in the population density among the different habitats but not in the species richness and diversity.