the economic importance of development aids with reference to the arab countries

Research Article
development aids, developing countries, Arab countries, international conferences, political and socio-economic effects

The article aims to define the development aids concept, its forms, allocation styles and cherished targets. The research reviews its development at the world level. The research clarifies its political and socio-economic effects and its role in supporting the socioeconomic development quest of the developing countries especially certain Arab countries. This provides the decision-makers in the governments, the international donor institutions and the aids-benefiting countries with the effective data necessary for activating the development aids role in development and facing the challenges that can impede the benefit of such aids. In addition, the research points out the ways guarantee increasing the aids efficiency in order to carry out their required role in reviving the developing economies and help them achieve the millennium development targets by 2015. This paper is divided into six parts. Finally, the article discusses the necessary implemented policies to attain efficiency in exploiting the development aids.