Effect Of Cognitive Retraining On Attention And Working Memory In Persons With Schizophrenia

Research Article
Gayatri Hegde and Vijaylaxmi Aminabhavi
Schizophrenia, Cognitive Retraining, Attention, Working Memory

Background: Cognitive impairment is a core feature of schizophrenia with evidences showing that it is related to functioning of a person in areas such as work, social relationships, and independent living. There are evidences that cognitive retraining helps in reducing cognitive deficits Objective: To investigate the impact of home based cognitive retraining program on attention and working memory in persons with schizophrenia. Method: Sample consisted of ten patients with schizophrenia. Pre and post assessment was done with digit vigilance test and verbal N back test from NIMHANS neuropsychology battery and PANSS. Intervention consisted of sessions with patient and family and home based retraining for attention and working memory for three months. Results: Compared to their base line assessment, there were significant improvement in their scores of attention ( time taken = t 3.47 , P <0.01, error committed = t 2.71, P< 0.05) and verbal working memory ( 1back = t 3.87, p< 0.01 , 2back= t 3.67, p <0.01). Conclusion: The present study implies that home based cognitive retraining for attention and verbal working memory is effective in persons with schizophrenia.