effect of dimethoate 30ec on some hematological parameters of albino mice following an oral exposure

Research Article
Mudasir Yasin and Poonam Sharma
Organophosphorous compounds, Dimethoate, Hematological Parameters.

Organophorous compounds are widely used in industry, agriculture and for public health purposes. They are among the toxic compounds employed for insect control. The purpose of this work to study the hematological changes that might occurin the blood of mice as a result of acute Dimethoate intoxication. The results revealed that Dimethoate treated mice showed significant increase in RBCs, percent monocytes, percent basophills and percent neutrophills. However a significant decrease was observed in percent lymphocytes, hemoglobin count, PCV, MCV, MCH, MCHC and ESR. The number of eosonophils was increased insignificantly. When the Dimethoate treatment was stopped and the mice were allowed tometabolize the toxicant a significant recovery in the hematological parameters was observed showing the inbuilt capacity of detoxification.