Effect Of Herrbal Tea “Gadagi Magani Tea ’’ On Acute Sera Urea And Creatinine Alteration

Research Article
Umar A.A, Munir G, Sunday E, Asibu A.M and Salih
Gadagi Magani Tea, Urea and Creatinine

The goals of this research it to quantify and assess the effect of Gadagi Magani tea in the human physiology. Fifty (50) people were subjected to this research and were group into three; Magani only consuming group A (20 people), mixture of Magani and energy drink group B (20) and 10 non-gadagi consuming group C (control). Both serum Creatinine and Urea were determined using photospectrophotometry method finding of this study shows that, the creatinine level was higher statistically significant (p<0.05) in group B than group A and C, whereas group A has creatinine level significantly higher (p<0.05) than control, group C. In comparison, the serum level of urea was statistically lower in group A and B than control group C. Group B which in turn having lowest serum urea level. Totally, Gadagi Magani tea should be banned as it affects the sera levels of creatinine and urea.