effect of juvenile hormone analogue (fenoxycarb) on ovarian development of dysdercus similis

Research Article
*Tayade Rupali Govind
Juvenile hormone, vitellogenesis, IGR, Histopathology

Fenoxycarb, an analog of the juvenile hormone (JH) in insects, has been evaluated in vivo and in vitro on some pest. It exhibits potent insect juvenile hormone mimic activity and thus causes serious disturbances in the development, reproduction and behavior of a wide range of insects. This insect growth regulator (IGR) was applied topically on adult Dysdercus similis. The treatment induced an increase of vitellogenesis at low dose however, vitellogenesis, chorion formation were inhibited and atrophied of the oocyte was observed at high dose. A drastic decrease of carbohydrate, lipid and protein contents in ovaries. Thus, it seemed that females are sensitive to fenoxycarb