Effect Of Spraying With Iron Chelatein Growth Of Black Seeds (Nigella Sativa L.)

Research Article
Noor Sabri Nasser
Nigella sativa, Black cumin, Iron chelate

The Research was conducted in the vegetable's house of Biology Department - College of Education for Pure Sciences-University of Diyala during the season 2014-2015 on Black Seeds (Nigella sativa L.)in order to study the effect of spraying with iron chelate(Fe 6%) by five levels(0 ,50 ,100 , 150 ,200 )mg/L in the growth of Black cnum In some recipes of vegetative growth and Yield by using the global experience according to a complete randomized design C.R.D with three observations and the averages were compared by using Duncan test which is polynomial test at probability level of 0.05. The results indicated lack of significant differences between treatment at a concentration 0f 200 mg/L Fe inplant height, number of branches, chlorophyll concentration and Number of cans which was 61.000 cm,13.000, 0.390 mg/g, 12.666 cans respectively, while the treatment 150 mg/L excelled in the recipes stem diameter ,reaching 1.766 mm. There are no significant between treatment the 50 seed weight.