Embolic Nephritis In Emu

Case Report
Ravikumar Y., Arundhathi S., Anand Kumar A and Madhuri D
Emu, Kidney abscesses, Histopathology, Cultural Tests, Embolic nephritis

Emu farming is a new upcoming industry taken up by farmers with progressive views and by entrepreneurs exploring new market. The contribution to the economy by this type of farming is mainly dependent on its success in our Indian Agro-Climatic condition. This necessitates the fact that a thorough study to be made about the various pathological conditions affecting these birds. It has been observed that these birds suffer from lameness and other disorders because of deficiency of calcium, phosphorus and methionine. One such condition encountered in routine post mortem examination is a case of “Embolic Nephritis” in a 5 ½ month old male emu bird. Complete post mortem examination of the carcass revealed shrunken kidneys with the presence of small, numerous abscesses with purulent discharge oozing out on the cortical surface of both the kidneys. Histological section taken from the kidney revealed multiple abscesses with centrally haemotoxylin stained material surrounded by mononuclear cell infiltration predominantly neutrophils along with cystic dilatation of tubules and areas of necrotic glomerular tufts with deposition of fibrin in the interstitial tissue spaces .Cultural examination of the swab taken from the abscess confirmed the presence of gram positive Staphylococci organisms which has a tendency to remain localized producing abscesses.