Ethnobotanical Sources Of Veterinary Medicine From Kalrayan Hills In Tamilnadu With Special Reference To Bone Fractures And Treatment Of Wounds

Research Article
Soundarapandiyan D., Kumaran S and Mujeera Fathima
Tribal communities, bone fractures, wounds, veterinary, Vellimalai.

The malayali tribal communities of the Kalrayan hills possess a rich repository of medicinal plant knowledge for curing a variety of veterinary ailments. The present study has been conducted to collect ethnoveterinary information from the tribals with respect to the treatment of bone fractures and wounds in domestic animals. 4 resource persons were contacted on our visits to a remote area in the Vellimalai region of the Kalrayan hills. Data on 14 different plants species belonging to 12 different families have been obtained and analysed.