ethnobotany of andrographis lineata wallich ex. nees – an endemic medicinal plant of india

Research Article
* Alagesaboopathi, C
* Alagesaboopathi, C
Ethnobotanical uses, Andrographis lineata, Eastern Ghats, Tamilnadu.

The present exploration is an attempt to an ethnobotanical study was conducted in Eastern Ghats of Tamilnadu, for the investigation of medicinal plant used to treat several diseases by the local health healers. Andrographis lineata Wallich ex. Nees is an endemic medicinal plant used for medication. In Shevaroy Hills and Kolli Hills of Eastern Ghats it is employed in about 25 various uses of which 17 are higherto unreported from other areas of India. The indigenous information of the village dwellers, tribes, village herbalists, herbal practitioners and other traditional healers and the indigenous plant used for medicinal value were collected through personal interviewed and questionnaire during study visits. This result also proved that the plant is uses either whole plant or various parts like leaves, stem, root, flower, seed, etc. The plant parts are used in the form of decoction, juice, paste and powder. Plant is used for speedy recovery sickness like diabetes, jaundice, anti-diabetic, antipyretic, worms, snake bite, antiinflammatory, skin diseases and antivenom. These usage are notable for further studies on current scientific manner.