etude thermique du chenal algal à haut rendement

Research Article
Hichame Ihmaine*, Ali Tarfas, Jaouad Elghabi, Meriem Bamaarouf, Abdelilah Abid et Jamal Eddine Jellal
Channel algal high-output, Hydrodynamic, Distribution of the residence time, Heat exchange.

The started study was carried out by using the data of the Control station of the agronomic and veterinary institute Hassan II, it is interested in the distribution of the temperature within high-out put the Algal Channel to improve its design and thus to optimize its operation.

Our article is focused initially, to make a theoretical approach, a phenomenologic analysis and consequently asetting in adequate equation with the problem and in the second time, with the use of the FLOWING computer code for the simulation of the variation in the temperature according to the contact of space.

The got results makes it possible to know:

· Distribution of the profiles of the temperature in the channel.

· Impact of the mode of flow of the channel on the temperature.

· The importance which the wheel of agitation in heat exchange plays.