Experinmental Investigation Of Tool Behavior Of Al-Ti-N Coated Carbide Insert In Hard Turning Process

Research Article
Rajesh, S., Rajeswari, B and Mudliyar Shivaraj Tyagarajan
Hard Turning, Tool Wear, Precision Machining, Hardened Steel and Physical Vapor Deposition.

Tool wear analysis became a vital area of research in the current scenario of mass machining or mass production in industries especially in the event of machining of hard materials. The applications where hard steel replaces the less hard materials, multilayer coated carbide inserts have shown better results in comparison with single layer coated carbide inserts. In this paper, a study has been carried out to report the tool wear behavior of multilayer coated carbide inserts while machining hard steel of 55 HRC in dry cutting conditions. The objective of this study is on the effect of coating on tool to determine its various parameters such as interface temperature, tool wear and surface roughness. Machining of hardened steels has become an important manufacturing process, particularly in the automotive and bearing industries.