Future Programming Concepts -Brain Controlled Artificial Legs

Research Article
Subashini B1., Anto Bennet M., Ramesh Kumar M., Mahesh M., Arun T.R and Sudhakaran M
Brain waves, Electrode Cap, Artificial Leg

This paper describes a brain controlled robotic leg which is designed to perform the normal operations of a human leg. After implanting this leg in a human, the leg can be controlled with the help of user's brain signals alone. This leg behaves similar to a normal human leg and it can perform operation like walking, running, climbing stairs etc. The entire system is controlled with the help of advanced microcontrollers and digital signal processors. The signals are taken out from the human brain with the help of electroencephalography technique. The person can perform operations like walking, running etc just by their thought. This system will be very much suitable for those who lost their legs in accidents and the proposed system is hundred percent feasible in the real time environment with the currently available technology. The Brain Controlled Artificial Legs are very much cost effective when compared to the normal Artificial legs which is available in the market. The reduction in cost of the proposed system is found to be above 80% when compared to the existing system. Moreover, the user can have full control over the artificial legs which is not possible in the existing system.