herbal medicines used by meiteis in treatment of urinary tract and stone cases

Research Article
S. Shyamkiran Singh
Traditional Wisdom, Indigenous Knowledge, Medicinal Plants.

Traditional Meitei Cultures addresses forces in both the natural and the spiritual world to maintain the health and vitality of human beings. The use and practice of medicinal plants for treatment of various kinds of illness and ailments is as old as human civilization. It was practiced even before the existence of specialized institutions of health practitioner. The paper highlights some of the medicinal plants with high medicinal values used for medical and curative therapy of Urinary tract infections and stone cases. A large number of such plants, herbs and trees with high medicinal values remained unexplored. Joint efforts must be made to identify and explore all such plant biodiversity resources and reserves of high medicinal values. Before the existence of professional medical practitioners and institutional treatment Meiteis have been using a variety of locally available herbs/shrubs/trees for the treatment of Urinary tract ailments and stone case diseases. The use of medicinal plants is very prevalent in treatment of urinary tract ailment and stone case diseases as it is less expensive, affordable by all sections and easily available. Proper identification, preservation and documentation of these medicinally valued plants and Traditional Health Care Systems is recommended for validation of indigenous wisdoms of Meiteis.