the hypolipidemic activity of t-colostrol, a siddha preparation in hypercholesterolemia induced albino wistar rats

Research Article
Veeraragavan, M., Balwin Nambikkairaj., *Sivamani, P., Kandeepan, C Thanighaiarassu, R.R
Hypolipidemic activity, Musa Paradisiaca, T-colostrol, Albino Wistar rats

Siddha medicine is one of the oldest medical systems known to mankind. Contemporary Tamil literature holds that the system of Siddha medicine originated in Southern India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. In this present study, a Siddha preparation called T-colostrol, known local hypolipidemic drug, containing a mixture of Musa paradisiaca stem juice, Black salt and Ferrous oxide was evaluated for its hypolipidemic activity in albino Wistar rats. Cholesterol powder, tween 80 and distilled water was given for induction. The present study proved that the hypolipidemic activity of T-Colostrol was effective to rats which showed decreased cholesterol level compared to induced control. Statin drugs, commonly used as lipid reducer in allopathic system was used as a positive control and the results of T-colostrol is comparable to some extent with such drug. This study strongly suggests that the Siddha preparation could effectively be used as a hypolipidemic therapeutic drug