The Indian Retail Makes Headway - Pulling Out All The Stops

Research Article
R. Amirtha and V. J. Sivakumar
Retailing, overview, trends, e-tail, m-commerce, social media, luxury, rural, drivers, urbanisation.

Retail in India – with all its stuff, is experiencing a boom. Due to innumerable reasons, there is a huge transformation in the customer preferences and lifestyles that has made the retail sector show a paradigm shift to attract customers. Though unorganized retailing is found to be predominant in India, the organized sector also has made its mark slowly in the minds of urban customers, particularly the double income households with adequate money and insufficient time. The idea behind the study is to give an overview on the growth of Indian retail across various segments, its trends, prospects and areas to be focused to shine forth. Review helps us to understand the contemporary issues that brought in dynamic changes in the industry. Indian retail, with its new dimension, is privileged with its economy, customers, population, culture and now, the foreign direct investment. The scope of the industry is tremendous, taken care certain crucial areas like organised supply and maintenance of inventory, pruning down inefficiencies and offering excellent service. This study also discusses in detail how the opportunities can be optimally used and threats are at the most reduced in order to elevate the position of Indian retail.