influence of waste disposal on water qquality and methane emission from nambol turel: a feeder stream of loktak lake in manipur, india

Research Article
* Khoiyangbam, Rs And Basanta Kumar, W
Loktak Lake, waste disposal, Nambol Turel, Nambol town, methane flux

The current study assessed the water quality status of Nambol Turel to determine the extent of environmental implications caused by inappropriate wastes disposal. Households along the stream dispose their solid wastes (31 % of the houses) and liquid waste (2 % discharges wastewater) directly into the stream. Consistently, the water in the town is found more polluted compared to the upstream and downstream water. Methane emission rates were also found consistently higher in the section of the stream meandering through the town. Mean CH4 flux during the pre-monsoon was higher compared to the flux in winter and the seasonal difference was statistically significant (ANOVA, P = < 0.05). The mean water temperature recorded in the stream during the pre-monsoon and winter seasons was 29.6 and 9.20 C, respectively and the water temperature had a linear correlation with CH4 flux: y = 7.832x – 56.491 (R2 = 0.6757).