The Internship Dentists Knowledge About Dry Socket

Research Article
Mazen Doumani., Adnan Habib., Ahmad Doumani ., Abd Alhameed Bassam Alshami., Abrar Khaled Alhababi., Hajar Khaled Alhababi and Hadi Alftaih
Dry socket, Extraction, Infection, Narcotic, Pain, Smoker.

A Dry socket is delayed healing but without an infection. This postoperative complication causes moderate to severe pain, but is without the usual signs and symptoms of infection. The term dry socketdescribes the appearance of the tooth extraction socket when the painbegins. Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the information of internship dentists in Alfarabi dental college about the dry socket. Methods: Anonymous survey (15 questions) forms weredistributed among the internship dentist in Alfarbi dental college. 115 dentists filled the questionnaire completely. Results:A high percentage of the internship dentists (94.8%) agreed that the incidence of dry socket is significantly higher in smokers than in non-smokers, while 10.4% agreed that chlorexidine when used as a preoperative irrigant and mouthwash can increase the dry socket incidence.58.3% of participants reported that dry socket occurred three times less frequently in females on oral contraceptives than inThose who are not taking them. Theanalysis of data was performed using methods of descriptive statistics. Conclusion: The non-practiced endodontic procedure was clearly related to levels of self confidence among internship dentists; this means; a lot of studies in dental school should be performed to determine the weakness points or gaps in undergraduate endodontic courses.