Investigation And Performance Evaluation Of Ethanol Blend With Camfer Oil As Alternative Fuels In Diesel Engine

Research Article
Hiregoudar Yerrannagoudar., Manjunatha K and Parashurama Vaddar
Diesel, Performance, Emissions, Ethanol, Camfer oil.

In view of the existing fossil fuel deposits may come for another 30 to 40 years and Costs of these Fissile Fuels are day by day increasing. As we know that all over the world the diesel vehicle population is growing at an alarming rate. The emission will irritate skin, eyes, nose and throat and also leads to bronchitis asthma in the long run and has been led to air pollution. It is a serious concern with the pollution point of view. Developing Countries like India depends on its fossil fuel requirements on foreign countries for which spars a huge foreign currency in purchase of crude oil. The increasing pressure on crude oil reserves and environmental degradation as an outcome. Hence in view of the above drawbacks there is an urgent need to find an alternative fuels in the existing engines. Fuels like (Low Cetane Fuels) like Apricot oil blended with ethanol may promise and present a sustainable solution as it can be produced from a wide range of plants and seeds.