Knowledge On Health Insurance Schemes Of Adults In In Mangaluru: A Descriptive Study

Research Article
Nimisha Thomas, Neenu K Thomas, Neethu Louis and Kiran Rao Chavan B

Insurance is a veritable tool for healthcare financing, it has been used by most advanced countries in its various forms to fund healthcare. It is only recently being applied by poorer developing nations to address the glaring problem of inadequate healthcare provision, which was hitherto financed exclusively from public taxation.1 Health services research focusing specifically on access to care and the effects of health insurance on use of medical care and subsequent health outcomes often relies on the self report of individual and household information about health insurance coverage2 . A non-experimental descriptive design was adopted. Data was collected from purposively selected 100 adults from Kinya Community, Mangaluru. using structured knowledge questionair.The results revealed that majority (71%) of adults had average knowledge, 25% had adequate knowledge, (3%) had poor knowledge and very few (1%) had excellent knowledge regarding health insurance schemes. So the study indicate Average knowledge among adults and its varying with demographic variables.