Knowledge On Occupational Hazards And The Practice 0f Using Protective Devices Among The Workers Of Plastic Package Industry, Puducherry, India

Research Article
Geetha C
Occupational Hazards, Knowledge, Plastic package Industry, Protective Devices and practice

The Industrial workers constitute only regiment of the population and the factors that influence the health of the population and also apply equally among the industrial workers. The death of the industrial workers in large measures is influenced by the conditions prevailing at the working place. The objectives are to assess the knowledge on occupational hazards among workers of plastic package industry. To assess the practice of using protective devices among the workers of plastic package industry. To find out the association between the knowledge on occupational hazards with selected demographic variables. Methodology Quantitative non- experimental descriptive survey was adapted, the study was conducted among 30 workers of plastic package industry, Puducherry. Non-Probability convenient Sampling Technique was used and data collected through a structured questionnaire. The Study Findings shown, the workers knowledge regarding occupational hazards was 27% and all the workers have excellent level of practice of using protective devices. There was a significant relationship between socio demographic variables with the knowledge level of workers of plastic package industry.