limnological profile of a high altitude stream, bishleri of banihal of jammu and kashmir, india

Research Article
Sharma KK Gupta K, Kouser U* and Shvetambri
Bishleri, physio-chemical parameters, Chenab, Banihal.

The present investigation was carried out from January 2011 to December 2011 for Bishleri stream of Banihal, to study the physico-chemical properties of water for assessment of its quality. This stream is one of the feeding channels of mighty river Chenab. The stream was characterized by variant temperature differentiation (4.41 oC to 22.83 oC), high DO ( 4.46 to 8.40 mg/l ), alkalinity (HCO3- 56.93 to 104.10mg/l), less FCO2 conc.(1.6 to 5.5 mg/l ), less Cl- concentration ( 4.6 to 8.5 mg/l), and hard water body having Ca2+ (13.06 to23.70 mg/l) and Mg2+ (14.09 to 25.66 mg/l ) which is an indication of favorable environment for growth and sustainability of specific species.