material characterization of advanced aluminium alloys

Research Article
Sobhan Patnaik

This project deals with the material characterization of Al-Mg alloys namely AC300 and 7021 undergoing Shock Heat Treatment where the specimen is heated for 5 seconds to a temperature of 350°C. AC300 undergoes single stage shock heat treatment and the various material properties are considered like yield stress and temperature and elongation and temperature curves are plotted and that showed a different trend unlike the usual trend of decreasing yield stress with increasing temperature. Hence there was a need for modeling the material for optimization and improvement in the material properties. 7021 was also tested under single stage shock heat treatment and the two-stage heat treatment was also applied to it where there was certain amount of pre-strain given to the specimen before heat treating it. But it was seen that there was no effect of pre-strain on the specimen as the yield stress remains the same even for different values of pre-strains. Hence it was concluded that only the change in the properties of the materials is because of the heat treatment, Therefore, a mathematical model was devised for material characterization of the alloys. Thus curve fitting was done to determine the equation for modeling the alloys considering only single stage shock heat treatment. The characteristics curve equations could be varied by changing the values of the constants for further detailed experiment and study on various properties of AC300 and 7021