Modeling And Analysis Of Location And Size Of Capacitor Banks Installed At 132 Kv Grid Station Qasimabad Hyderabad, Pakistan

Research Article
Sunny Katyara., Sunny Kumar Gemnani and Saran Memon
Size of capacitor banks, Location of capacitor bank, load voltage, MATLAB.

In this paper the modeling and analysis of suitable locationand size of capacitor banks installed at 11 kV bus of 132 kV grid station have been carried out with an objective of improving the voltage profile and power loss reduction. At present capacitor bank of full size, i-e 1.21 Mvar is installed at 11 kV bus at grid station. The aim of this paper is to present small sized capacitor banks that would be installed at different feeders instead of one large size capacitor bank at 11 kV bus. The effects of large bank on 11 kV bus and small size capacitor banks at different feeders on the voltage profile of consumer and supply side are simulated through MATLAB Simulink Laboratory..