molecular study about cyprinus carpio that implant in stations of marine science center

Research Article
Khitam Jassim Salih, and Majeed Hussein Majeed
Cyprinus carpio, Marine Science Center, COI gene

The common carp (Cyprinus carpio) may be distinguished by its small eyes, thick lips, two barbells at each corner of the mouth, large scales, and strongly serrated spines in the dorsal and anal fins. Thirty five specimens of cyprinus carpio were collected from the implant stations of Marine Sciences Center, Basrah University, Iraq. Standard procedures for chromosomal preparation from the head kidney tissue were used. The DNA extractions from tissue, and the cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) was amplified. The diploid chromosomes number of implant cyprinus carpio were found to be 2n=100. Acetocarmine stained metaphase spread showing a diploid set of 100 chromosomes is presented in11pairsof metacentric chromosomes,16 pairs of submetacentrie chromosomes, 6 pairs of telocentric homologous pair and17acrocentric chromosomes. Sexual dimorphisms of the chromosomes were not detected in somatic karyotypes of male and female Cyprinus carpio. The amplification of COI genes for the common carp revealed the expected PCR products of 655 bp, in all samples. Although the Cyprinus carpio specimens that used in this study appear in different morphs (wobbled among color, speared of scales and body architecture) but the cytogenetic and genetic results fixed that all the specimens of fish were under same species