monitoring of medical parameters using wireless sensor network

Research Article
Shruti C. Gaupale, Sayed Ali and *Rushikesh T. Bankar
Wireless sensor network, Smart system, Health care, Wireless body area network.

This work presents an application of wireless sensor network (WSN) of the random access with one way transmission to the monitoring of the patients in the hospital. In the paper, we will study a clustered wireless sensor network. The sensors are within each cluster forward the message to another cluster via cooperative communication techniques. In wires sensor network, several architectures usually called network topologies are possible: star, cluster free and mesh. In different topologies, sensor nodes can act as simple data transmitters and receivers or routers working in a multi hop fashion. Other wireless networks are not as energy constrained as WSNs, because they may be plugged into the mains supply or equipped with batteries that are rechargeable and replaceable. The nodes of the proposed wireless sensor network are created by using a combination of various sensors a CC2500 low power wireless radio.