Native Herbal Remedies Combating Reproductive Afflictions In Women Of Badwani District(Madhya Pradesh) India

Research Article
Patil PS, Patil MV and Patil D
Native remedies, Reproductive afflictions, Badwani District

The result of ethnobotanicalsurvey specially against reproductive diseases in women of Badwani district (Madhya Pradesh:India) are presented in this communication. Varioustribes viz. Gond, Bhaiga, Korku, Bhil, Halba, Kaul, Pawara, etc. were interviewed. The observations have been compared with published classical literature to record their status. As well as 26 angiosperm species belonging to 25 genera and 21 families are reported various afflictions. The medicinal recipes viz. powder, decoction, juice, infusion, extract and paste are employed during treatments using various plant parts or products. Necessity of documenting traditional knowledge is pertinently discussed, besides the potentialities and new reports to Indian literature.