Natural Way Of Treating Rhinosinusitis With Single And Polyherbal Formulations: A Review

Review Article
Richa Srivastava., Sajal Srivastava and Satay Prakash Singh
Rhinosinusitis; poly herbal; phytotherapy; nasal; allergic rhinitis

Herbal medicines are the synthesis of therapeutic experiences of generations of practicing physicians of indigenous systems of medicine for over hundreds of years. The presented review suggests that phytotherapy is an effective and safe form of ancillary therapy for rhinosinusitis. Herbal formulations are now in great demand in the developing world for primary health care not because they are inexpensive but also for better cultural acceptability, better compatibility with the human body and minimal side effects. In the present review we have attempted to describe the research which have been done in the field of nasal herbal formulation whether it is a single or poly herbal nasal formulation. Recently, rhinosinusitis patients are increasing more in numbers due to presence of busy life styles and pollution which plays an important role of increase in such diseases. The study is based on the research work published in the past ten years in pub med and science direct and a comparison have been stabilised between single herbal nasal formulations versus poly herbal nasal formulation. There are many nasal formulations are present in the market like sprays, drops , powders, inhalation solutions etc. and not much work have been reported for poly herbal nasal formulation. Several studies have been reported and beneficial effects of single herbal nasal formulation in the treatments for allergic rhinitis but poly herbal medication shows much more efficacy and with less number of side effects.