Oral Cancer Awareness Among Dental House Surgeons – A Multicentric Study

Research Article
Sumalatha M.N., Gadiputi Sreedhar., Puja Rai., Neeta Misra., Saurabh Srivastava and Tanushri
Oral cancer, awareness, house surgeons.

Introduction: to determine the level of awareness of oral cancer among dental house surgeons we have conducted a questionnaire based survey at different dental colleges. Material and method: The questionnaire was prepared and distributed to the dental house surgeons in three dental colleges. The questions were designed to determine the level of awareness and knowledge about etiology, risk factors, signs and treatment of oral cancer. Results: Total of 150 interns had responded to the questionnaire. 92% of them are aware of risk factors of oral cancer. Approximately 90% students were interested to have more teaching in terms of oral cancer and 52.5% felt the need for more refined skills for examination of patients with oral cancer. Regarding changes within the mouth that would you associate with oral cancer 65.3% of them are able to identify the clinical signs.72.6% interns were aware of lab investigations and 64.6% treatment options of the oral cancer but not the treatment cost [60%]. Conclusion: With this study we conclude that increase in the awareness of oral cancer in dental house surgeons will lead to early diagnosis of oral cancer and early referral to higher cancer centers improving patient’s quality of life.