An Overview On Corporate Governance And Sustainable Development In India

Research Article
Sushama Yadav
Corporate Governance, Sustainable Development, Environment, Society

The issues associated with corporate responsibility as well as sustainability have increases day to day practices in India. Corporate governance and Sustainable development are essentials for any corporate organization and both have been widely recognized and providing strength to the foundation for the long-term economic performance of business entities as well as of countries. They are mainly focused traditionally on the problems of separation of the ownership by shareholders and control by the management. The legal environment encompasses two important aspects the protection offered in the laws and to what extent the laws are enforced in real life and plays important role in the determination of the nature of corporate governance. The conscious evolution of the Sustainable Development represents the diverse local to global efforts to imagine and enact a positive vision of a world in which basic human needs are met without destroying or irrevocably degrading the natural systems on which we all depend. In the present article the author has mainly focused on the role of corporate governance that can participates an important task in the promotion of the sustainable development of companies, society and the environment.