An Overview Of Prospective Study On Functional Food

Research Article
Kumar Jitendra and Pal Amit
Functional food, Functional ingredients, health benefits, dairy foods, diseases.

Functional foods are a broad term that has attracted significant attention from scientific researchers, health professionals & Journalist. Food can be regarded as functional if it is satisfactorily demonstrated to affect beneficially one or more target function in the body, beyond adequate nutritional effects in a way which is relevant to either the state of well-being and health or the reduction of the risk of a disease. Functional food from animal sources includes fish because of the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids, meat because of its content of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and dairy foods. Dairy foods contain many functional or health promoting components Present study is concerned about Functional food, functional ingredients/ components & their role in health effect. Our understanding of functional foods and their market potential is in its infancy and little is known about their long-term health benefits. It enters the concept of considering food not only necessary for living but also as a source of mental and physical well-being, contributing to the prevention and reduction of risk factors for several diseases or enhancing certain physiological functions. Functional foods should be viewed as part of an overall healthful diet and not as ‘magic bullets’ to improve health and reduce risk of disease.