performance evaluation of refrigeration system based on bellcoleman cycle

Research Article
Er. Rahul Patel and Er. Ramji Tripathi
Compressor, Water cooled condenser, Air cooled condenser, Nozzles, Evaporator cabin, C.O.P.

Bell-Coleman Cycle also known as Reverse Brayton Cycle or Joule cycle comprises four process as compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation process. Our main focus was towards open cycle air refrigeration system that is based on Bell-Coleman Cycle. In this compressor taken fresh air from atmosphere and leave it in cooling chamber. For the analysis purpose we have used various equipment’s such as- Compressor, Condenser, Expansion device, Evaporator coil and measuring equipment’s like digital temperature indicator, pressure gauges, energy meter etc.

The air refrigerator (as air as a refrigerant is used) has been studied and a prototype of this refrigerator has been fabricated. The prototype is analysed for theoretical, actual and relative C.O.P with water cooled condenser. Refrigeration effect of the system, work done by the compressor and COP of the system for Refrigeration system has been studied. It is seen that in case of water cooled condenser we have required less power for compression and achieve more refrigeration effect. The improved COP is obtained at higher refrigeration effect and lesser compressor work input.