Philological Study Of Scientific Plant Names: Their Significance And Lessons Learned

Research Article
Patil D.A and Patil M.V
Plant Names, Philology, Human Welfare.

The present investigation unfolded 32 generic and 30 specific epithets philologically and thereby disclosed the hidden treasure trove. The former are founded based on 19 different criteria, whereas the latter are coined on 23 criteria. Coiners have incorporated observations on plant features like colour, shape, fragrance, habitat of plants, flowering period, period of opening of flowers, specific observations and behavior of plant parts medicinal uses cosmetic uses, poisonous nature of plants, chemical contents, animal organs, miscellaneous uses, food value, use for musical instrument and pillars, etc. Philological study thus help reveal past man-plant-animal relationships. Such study may add to the information of even modern man and may be useful for his welfare. Moreover, it would entice and enthuse learners of plant sciences.