A Pre-Experimental Study To Assess The Prevalence And To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Self Instructional Module On School Bullying In Terms Of Knowledge Among Children In Selected Schools Of U.P

Research Article
Pooja Kain., Ravi Kulal and Muralidharan.S
School children, Bully, Victim, Prevalence, Knowledge.

A Study to Assess the Prevalence and to Evaluate the effectiveness of Self Instructional Module on School Bullying in terms of Knowledge among Children in selected Schools of U.P was conducted by Pooja Kain towards the partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Master of Nursing at Nightingale Institute of Nursing, Noida,(U.P) Chaudhary Charan Singh University, during the year 2016-2017.The research approach for the study was Pre-experimental study. Non Probability Purposive Sampling Technique was used to obtain an adequate number of samples. The sample consisted of 80 School Children studying in class 9th and 11th.A Structured Knowledge Questionnaire was used to assess the Knowledge regarding School Bullying, a Prevalence Scale consisting 15 questions each for bully and victim was used to evaluate the Prevalence and a SelfInstructional Module was developed regarding School Bullying. The questionnaire having 30 items were administered to School Children. After the try out on 15 students, reliability coefficient of structured knowledge questionnaire was calculated by KR-20 formula. The reliability co-efficient of was found 0.722 thus the tool was found reliable. The prevalence scale for bully and victim was administered to 15 samples with 15 questions for each type (Bully/victim).the reliability for the scale of bully was found 0.932 and reliability for the victim was found 0.926 and the tool was found reliable. Data obtained were analysed and interpreted using both descriptive and inferential statistics in terms of Frequencies, Percentages, Mean, S.D Prevalence score, as very low, low, moderate, categories for knowledge score were very good, good, moderate, poor and very poor. Findings showed that: Majority of the children were having moderate knowledge regarding school bullying after administration of Self Instructional Module. And majority of the samples was in low prevalence category. The main findings showed that the main kind of bullying were beating, locking in room and sending nasty messages to the peer.