Preliminary Study Of Odonates In Southeast Region Of Narmada Valley, Jabalpur (M.P.)

Research Article
Sunita Sharma and Arjun Shukla
Odonata, Narmada Valley, biodiversity, bio control, urbanization

Biodiversity protection and conservation is a national and international agenda and responsible for sustainable development of a region or a country and secondly Odonates are potential bio control agents of many invertebrates. Odonate assemblage from Narmada Valley in Jabalpur has been investigated. A total of 25 species of Odonata have been distributed in 7 families were sampled. In order Odonata, Libellulidae family is most dominating family, with 10 species followed by Coenagrionoidae with 7 species and others have fewer representatives. Mostly Odonates were aggregated due to habitat specific nature and random distribution indicates availability of resource utilization to survive but, in the urban forest area high anthropogenic disturbances were observed which creates high biotic pressure on forest. A detailed list of Odonates recorded from urban forest area is presented.