Prof. Marco Nemesio E.Montano,

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Biological Chemistry
National Academy of Science and Technology
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Dr. Marco Nemesio E. Montaño is recognized for his outstanding scientific achievements in the field of biological chemistry, specifically, in the structural, chemical and physical studies of carageenan, agar and other polysaccharides from Philippine seaweeds. His research outputs on the chemical and physical characteristics and quality of Philippine natural grade carageenan, agars from different seaweeds, effects of seasonal variations on agar composition and quality, stability and postharvest characteristics, alginates and by-products such as seaweed fertilizers and ink for the textile industry have significantly contributed to the strengthening and expansion of the Philippine seaweed industry. His research work encompasses the effects of pollution, seagrass utilization and diseases on seagrasses and their phycocolloids, as well as their impact on the marine environment. He has published more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific articles in local and international journals and holds a utility patent on seaweed-based carageenan gels.
Birthdate: 24 April 1951